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Puppy Trade
Everybody gets excited at the prospect of a new puppy in the family, and sometimes that excitement means that all common sense goes out of the window. Puppy farm puppies are sold in pet shops, via a network of dealers and from advertisements on the internet. Puppy farmers and dealers are expert, competent liars and are very believable.
Puppies from puppy farms come from sickly stock and the over breeding and inter-breeding mean that the chances are these puppies will either die shortly after purchase or new owners will face huge Veterinary bills.

To stop this from happening to you, please follow these few, simple rules:
But what is so bad about buying a puppy from a puppy farm?
Never buy a puppy without seeing it with its mother.
Accept NO excuses, although you will hear plenty!
Never buy a puppy from a pet shop.
No ethical breeder would EVER sell a litter to a pet shop.
Insist on visiting the breeder's home.
Don't fall for the kind offer of delivery or meeting you half way - there is a reason they don't want you to see where the puppies come from!
Consider rescue first!
Before considering a purchase, call or visit a reputable rescue. They very often have litters of puppies that are not listed on their websites.
KC Registered and free insurance?
Very often puppies are sold with fake KC papers and free insurance is open to any breeder including puppy farmers.
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